Simplicity is the final achievement.
— Frédéric Chopin


Kit Vaughan Soden is a composer, researcher, and music educator based in Montreal, QC, Canada. He is currently pursuing a PhD in composition at McGill University, studying with John Rea, Philippe Leroux, and Stephen McAdams. He is a student member of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT) and the Music Perception and Cognition Lab (MPCL). Kit is currently working as a research assistant for the Haute École de musique de Genève (HEM) as part of the International Analysis, Creation and Teaching of Orchestration Project. His recent compositions commissions include a choral piece for the Schulich Singers and a monodrama for the Opera from Scratch workshop in Halifax. He is currently composing a short opera for three voices and chamber ensemble for FAWN Chamber Creative in Toronto, Canada.


As a composer, Kit is inspired by the interaction and relationship between timbre and expressivity in music, and particularly in the use of orchestration to enhance the dramaturgy of a composition. His doctoral thesis and research creation project(s) will identity and explore the acoustic phenomena created through the combination of voice and orchestra, highlighting how composers can exploit our innate perceptual mapping of vocal and instrumental timbres to build dramatic and expressive qualities into their music. These topics represent some of the composition and research considerations that fuel his passion for learning and for exploring composition at an advanced level.